Herbs Good For Skin


Traditionally, herbal remedies have been used as alternative medicine by Native American’s for centuries.  And this practice traces back for thousands of years by the Ayurvedic system of India.  The Ayurveda’s believe that the skin supports both physiology & psychology.

According to modern research and many scientific studies, herbs show to stop or hinder free-radical processes which destroy collagen, thus slowing down or reversing the aging process of the skin.

There are many herbs good for skin, keeping your skin looking young, supple & healthy.  Some skin herbs can be ingested in it’s raw form, or combined with other herbs.  Some can be mixed in with salads.  Some can applied topically to the skin.  And some can be prepared as tea infusions.

Top 10 Herbs For Skin

We have done rigorous research to find some of the best herbs for skin.  And we compiled our data  to narrow it down to our top 10 picks.  And we are proud to bring them forward to you here.  In addition, we will provide some excellent skin recipes & home remedies with each one of these herbs.

However, these herbs are not substitutes for standard medical treatments. If you suspect your skin issues have been triggered by any type of illness or allergies, you should immediately contact your Doctor.

Gotu Kola For SkinGotu kola For Skin

Gotu Kola is native to India, Indonesia, China and the Southeastern United States.

For thousands of years, this herb has been used as in Ayurvedic medicine as treatment for skin conditions of many sorts.  It was used to heal wounds, treat leprosy, psoriasis and skin ulcers.

Research developed by herbal practitioners and physicians report that Gotu Kola has anti-inflammatory effects, strengthens veins & capillaries, stimulates skin repair, regenerates skin cells & underlying connective tissue, inhibits scar formation, and improves symptoms caused by varicose veins.

Gotu Kola capsules are considered one of the best herbs good for skin regeneration.  A nice infusion of some Gotu Kola Tea is another method of ingesting this wonderful skin healing herb.

Considerations For Use:

Gotu Kola is a highly potent herb, and should be handled with extreme care.  Follow bottle instructions for Dosage and Administration.

Gotu Kola should be avoided by children, women who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or nursing babies.

It should also be avoided by people with high cholesterol, and by anyone on cholesterol-lowering medications or niacin.  People with liver disease, or on medications that affect the liver, should also not be on Gotu Kola.  You should also avoid this herb if you are on sedatives, or take tranquilizers.

You should first talk to your doctor before taking Gotu Kola if you have any allergies, are on any kind of medication, or taking supplements on a regular basis.

Comfrey SalveComfrey Salve

The comfrey plant has been traditionally used as herbal medicines.

Throughout much of central Europe, the leaves of this herb are eaten in salads.

Research shows that comfrey offers many benefits to skin problems & injuries.

Comfrey is good for alleviating dry skin, speeds healing of infected wounds, treats skin tags & warts, and helps to stimulate growth of new cells by a process of cell proliferation.

Product Description:

Country Comfort Comfrey Salve is made with all-natural ingredients, and contains no preservatives.  Combined with Aloe for a more effective & soothing skin relief, thus making it safe for babies, children & adults.  Country Comfort Comfrey Salve is rich in vitamins A, E & D.

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Aloe Vera For SkinAloe Vera Gel

Aloe traces its history all the way back to ancient Egypt.  This powerful plant was used by the pharaohs to treat all manner of skin conditions.

Things haven’t changed still till this day.  Aloe Vera is still one of the most widely used herbs for the skin.

In the early 30’s, Aloe proved to an excellent remedy for minor burns, cuts, and other skin problems.

And since then, this gelatinous pulp has also proven to have moisturizing properties for dry skin, cure psoriasis, repair damaged cells, rejuvenate sun-aged skin, inhibits wrinkles, and relieves pain & inflammation from from eczema.

Use aloe vera for skin conditions by simply applying topically to affected area.

Calendula Oil For SkinCalendula Oil

Calendula is a many-petaled orange/yellow flowering herb native to Mediterranean countries.  It is widely used as a herbal medicine throughout Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Europeans commonly utilize calendula oil to prevent diaper rash, and also to prevent inflammations to the mouth, throat & nose.

Calendula oil is widely known for its magical effects it has on the skin.

Calendula has antibacterial effects, acts as a anti-inflammatory, treats chronic conjunctivitis, and can stimulate the growth of healthy tissue and stimulate the production of collagen.

Calendula also helps skin from drying, alleviates sunburns & rashes, and prevents infections.

Calendula is commonly used in many commercial cosmetic skin creams due to all of its beneficial evidence.

Rosemary For SkinRosemary Leaf

According to Japanese research, rosemary proves to be a highly powerful antioxidant in comparison to other herbs.  Showing to have properties that can protect your skin against environmental toxins, damaging foods, and cosmetics.

Of all skin herbs, rosemary takes center stage in the wrinkle preventive category.  It stimulates blood circulation, thus restoring elasticity to the skin.

Rosemary for skin also acts as an antibacterial agent, thus being effective for clearing away blackheads or balancing oily skin.

Considerations For Rosemary Use:

Rosemary leaf is best prepared as a tea infusion, skin wash, or rosemary bath.

It’s important to limit your use of this herb, as taking large doses can cause side effects such as stomach upset, kidney damage & digestive problems.

This herb shall be avoided by women with heavy menstrual flow, and also avoided by women whom are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Benefits of Green Tea For SkinGreen Tea

Green Tea is one of the most popular herbs known to mankind.  And it’s health benefits cannot be understated!

This bitter herb is Native to the rainy forests of Southeast Asia.  And the benefits of green tea for skin are truly miraculous.

The bitter taste of Green Tea is attributed to high level of polyphenols, which are known to have strong anticarcinogenic, antibiotic, antioxidant & antitumorigenic properties.

Research shows that one of the polyphenols, known as epigallocatecatechin gallate, is more than 200 times potent than vitamin E in neutralizing free radicals.

Free radicals is generally the main cause to wrinkles on the skin.  Follow link to learn about Chunmee USDA Organic Green Tea for skin.

Considerations For Green Tea Use:

In addition to preparing as a tea infusion, Green tea can can also be used in creams,or made into compresses.

You should not drink Green Tea within one hour of drinking Herbal teas or taking over-the-counter medicines.  You should not drink Green tea while you are taking Ginseng, as green tea can hinder the medicinal effects of ginseng.

If you are pregnant, or nursing a baby, you should limit your intake of Green tea to very small portions.

Finally, you should not take green tea if on any type of medication before talking to your Doctor.

Horsetail BenefitsHorsetail

Horsetail is the offspring of huge fern-like plants that blanketed our planet millions of years ago.

Throughout Ancient history, many cultures have utilized horsetail benefits and medicinal value for a host of illnesses.

Horsetail shows to be one of the most promising herbs for a multitude of skin disorders.

Horsetail is high in silica which strengthens connective tissue, promotes tissue repair and combats arthritis.  Silicon is the main element for healthy bones & cartilage.

Considerations For Horsetail Use:

Horsetail is one of the most potent herbs for skin, and should be handled with caution.

People should not take horsetail if they have prostate cancer.  You should contact your Doctor before taking Horsetail if you are on any medications and/or have any illness or disease.

Women should not take horsetail that are pregnant, or nursing babies.  Horsetail should also be avoided by Adults over the age of 60, and by children under the age of 5.

Do not take horsetail for extended periods of time as long-term use can result in heart & kidney damage.  Make sure you Follow bottle instructions for Administration and Dosage information.

Lavender Oil For SkinLavender Essential Oil

Lavender flowers are a species of mint that have been used in medicinal applications for centuries.

This popular herb, native to the Mediterranean region is most commonly used herb as an essential oil.  It’s oil properties show to distribute a frequency antiseptic in nature which can kill many types of disease-causing bacteria.

Lavender essential oil is commonly used for all manner of skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, fungus, wounds, eczema, and burns.

Lavender oil shows to hinder the growth of many kinds of fungi, and destroying candida albicans.

Considerations For Lavender Oil Use:

Lavender oil is popularly used in aromatherapy, compresses, and baths.  Aromatherapists recommend external applications of lavender essential oil, followed up by Almond oil.

Never ingest Lavender oil, as even a small amount can be toxic to the human body.  And never use this oil during pregnancy, or nursing babies.  In addition this herb should be avoided by people that have gallstones or obstructions of the biliary tract.

Lemongrass BenefitsLemongrass

Native to Sri Lanka & India, the Lemongrass herb has been used to help alleviate various types of skin disorders, from large pores, fungal infections, and bacterial infections such as folliculitis & cellulitis.

It’s anti-microbial and anti-bacterial powers helps hinder bacterial and microbial growth on the skin’s surface, as well as warding off skin infections which has already surfaced.  This is why it’s popularly used as a natural mosquito repellent.

Lemongrass also helps the skin rid itself of unnatural impurities such as stagnated water & oils by causing perspiration and increased elimination through the skins pores.

Lemongrass then acts as an astringent, which helps constrict the skin, thus helping to minimizing pores to give your skin a tighter younger look and feel.

Preparing a nice tea infusion is one of the most popular ways in getting the lemongrass benefits.

Witch Hazel For SkinWitch Hazel

It is safe to say that we have left the best for last!

Native to the Atlantic seaboard of the United States, Witch Hazel is considered one of the best herbs for a wide variety of skin conditions.

Generally the whole plant holds a medicinal value such as the bark, twigs & leaves.

Witch Hazel can be used medicinally for wounds, insect bites, acne, oily skin, dry skin, hemorrhoids, abrasions, bruises, varicose veins, dermatitis, eczema, phlebitis, inflammation, relieves itching, restoring circulation, skin irritations, decreasing eye bags, reducing skin puffiness, reducing pore size, smoothing out wrinkles, and for overall anti-aging effects.

The tannins in witch hazel helps with tightening the skin and reducing swelling.  It also has ProanthoCyanidins, which acts as a good antioxidant for the skin, thus helping to prevent free radical damage which can lead to unwanted wrinkles.

Choose witch hazel for skin ailments aforementioned above, and make major changes in the overall health starting today.

Considerations For Witch Hazel Use:

Witch Hazel extract should be used for external use only.  Use witch hazel on unbroken skin, and avoid applying it near any orifice or near the eyes, as it contains a small amount of alcohol.  Also avoid applying it on serious wounds, burns or cuts.

Witch hazel extract is best utilized for cosmetic use by directly applying it to the affected area in a circular motion with a cotton ball.

Some people may experience minor skin irritation fro external witch hazel application.  If so, limit amount used,or discontinue use entirely.

Make sure to read usage Instructions on bottle for more information on the application process.

Summary & Disclaimer

Actual herbal skin products on this page may contain more and different information than what is mentioned on our site.  We recommend that you do additional research and do not solely rely on the information presented here on this page.

All the information presented to you here on this page is what we feel are the Top 10 herbs good for skin conditions.  However this is based on our opinion, and our research.  We are not professional Doctors nor do we clam to be.

In addition, we recommend that you be responsible enough to always follow directions, read warnings, labels, and precautions before using any of the products aforementioned.

Please see our full disclaimer for additional information.